vivid SRU branching

Harald Sitter sitter at
Wed May 6 07:04:29 UTC 2015

(last mail I think ;))

When you do an SRU for 15.04 please make a point to apply your change
to the kubuntu_vivid_archive git branch. In particular please push
your commit when you upload, it's less of a hassle to make a new
commit in the event that your upload gets rejected than having git be
out of sync.
This also applies to all future releases. All uploads should be in git
on general principle. More importantly though, if you make sure your
change is in git it will eventually (somehow) get merged into a CI
branch and integrated, giving additional feedback on the quality and
acceptability of the SRU change.

At the same time this means that even for released versions, when
doing an SRU you need to make sure your change merges cleanly into its
downstream branches [1]. For kubuntu_vivid_archive that's
- kubuntu_vivid_backports
- kubuntu_stable
- kubuntu_unstable

On a related note, if a repository has a kubuntu_vivid_backports
branch chances are you want to apply your change to it as well and
potentially upload your change to the backports PPA as well to make
sure all users get it. Otherwise your change would have to make a
detour through kubuntu_unstable or kubuntu_stable until it ends up in
the backports branch and depending on upstream cadence that can take
quite some time.



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