I need some help trying to reproduce a few things

D.R.P. Charbonneau etriaph at gmail.com
Tue May 5 04:28:20 UTC 2015

On May 4, 2015 09:05:27 PM Scarlett Clark wrote:
> I just got a message:
> Hello, Scarlett Clark! I just updated from Kubuntu Backports PPA, and 
> noticed few issues. Probably, some of this issues is packaging issues and 
> some other probably application issues. If possible, can please help me 
> divide one from another and suggest which one where should be reported? :) 
> 1. Dolphin, press F4, konsole input part doesn't appear in Dolphin window. 2. 
> kdenlive, just crash on start, 100% reproducible. Doesn't crash before 
> update. 3. System Settings > Icons > Emoticons, crash, 100% reproducible. 
> 4. KDE Telepathy 4.1 Text UI is always crash, error is: Invalid plugin factory 
> for "kf5/emoticonsthemes/kde". 4.2 Click on big icon in Instant Messaging 
> widget doesn't bring up contact list, that works before. 4.3. Instant 
> Messaging Configuration item in Instant Messaging widget properties 
> doesn't open IM accounts list, that works before.
> I am trying to reproduce, but can't. But then I am using CI repos.. Can 
> someone using the backports try and reproduce these. 
> Thank you,
> Scarlett

The only one I can confirm is 4.2; I can, in fact, never launch the contact list by any means other than the launcher.  I use Docky and used to have the contact list pinned to the dock but can no longer launch the pinned item.  This was the case before today's update (been this way for a while) but I dismissed it as minor as Docky isn't KDE stock software.

With respect to 4.3 it's possible that the user is reporting that there are two "Instant Messaging Settings" in the menu for the panel icon, one leads to a global shortcut binding and the other to the accounts display.  It would be ideal if the configuration for the IM had remained in System Settings where it was stored in 4.x, but se la vie.

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