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Paweł Abramowicz pawelabrams at
Wed Mar 18 09:26:59 UTC 2015

Hi all,

This week I won't be able to lend the web crew a hand, but I'll try to
review some of what has been done and think of direction the changes can

This time, I'm going to focus on Feature Tour.

The page went through a great metamorphosis, and it looks appealing :) What
can be done is mainly about the size of the text and screenshots, and how
multimedia we want the feature tour to be.

The only thing that, in my opinion, must be changed is the headers of the
sections. I'd rather they were either going from left edge to the right, or
just changed to plain text – without blue box, but possibly in blue colour.
Maybe let's not use italics, just a normal or bold one with its size
changed accordingly.

We could also change KTP's icon in the icon bar on the top – it's the only
green one and stands out of vertical alignment (it's baseline is a little
bit too low, so it breaks the "tools and albums standing on a shelf"

Proportions of text and images on my basic screen look a bit out of
balance; I'd love to see text bigger and screenshots smaller, on the right
or left, so I can read the text and see the picture at the same screen.

Mobile view; it's working very well out of the box, but the icons could be
scaled down to either stand in one row, or at least fit on one screen. If
you try to balance text-to-image ratio, please take care not to change
mobile view.

On Full HD, but still 15" the font's just too small. Text is unintelligible.

That's all for the review; Ideas!

1. Why not sections? Colour- or image-coded sections help divide content
into blocks better than most-distinguishable headers could.

One example of this is ZenDesk ( ), and while we don't have
resources to make all these shiny flat illustrations, we could just have
some photos or just colours to guide users with.

A bare and minimal approach to this is on this page, too:

2. Icons, please? When presenting a section, it would be great to see the
icon of the described program(s) in header, possibly in its monochromatic
form, not to take user's focus from the text and screenshot, but big enough
for him to catch the icon's shape, so they could identify the program after

That's all for now, but I think it's enough to make the new website
user-friendly and, well, converting ;) Tell me what you think!

Paweł Abramowicz

[configurations I used: Firefox – 1366x768, emulated 1920x1080 and 320x480,
Chrome @ OnePlus One, presenting itself as 960x540, but 1920x1080*]

* for further info on this, check how Retina-class displays are handled in
browsers with pixel-ratio, and why the images for them need to be two times
bigger than declared width and height
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