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Scarlett Clark sgclark at
Thu Jun 11 21:15:45 UTC 2015

On Thursday, June 11, 2015 08:36:30 PM Vishesh Handa wrote:
> Hey guys
> Kubuntu aims to be *the* most vanilla KDE distribution. Most Kubuntu
> members have close ties to KDE, and many are even KDE e.V members. We
> all collectively care a lot about KDE.
> One of the ways KDE improves it software is by enabling the developers
> to communicate in person. This is done via sprints, and via the yearly
> conference of Akademy. Kubuntu has always played a vital part in this
> conference and sometimes hosts a special Kubuntu day as well.
> Given this close relationship between us, and how Kubuntu clearly
> wants KDE to succeed. Perhaps some of the donations Kubuntu receives
> could be upstreamed to KDE. Kubuntu obviously has its own costs, but
> perhaps a certain part of your spare budget could be allocated to KDE.
> One simple way of doing this could be by becoming a sponsor for
> Akademy. It would increase Kubuntu's already massive popularity, and
> I'm sure the KDE Developers would quite appreciate it, and reserve a
> cozy place in theirs hearts cause of that.
> Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Please note that some of us work enormous amounts of hours for zero 
compensation to both KDE and Kubuntu and rely on these donations to even 
attend Akademy. If this money is donated.. some of our top developers 
including myself will not even be able attend Akademy. We have relied on 
Ubunutu Flavor donations to get us there. Kubuntu does NOT have direct control 
over the flavors funding, we must apply for it and hope for the best. There is 
also a high chance  that it will no longer be available to us at all.  As far 
as I understand Kubuntu does have a small nest egg set aside ( would barely 
cover 2 of us coming from the US) and I feel it is very important that this be 
kept safe in case we need it for future Akademy funding. I think the amount of 
time we put into KDE in quite alot of giving back, not to mention Blue systems 
that employs a few Kubuntu devs is already a sponsor. I completely understand 
KDE needs money, but this is not the right place to look. Perhaps try one of 
the larger distributions?

> --
> PS: I decided to send this e-mail after discussing this with the
> Kubuntu Council members Rohan, Jonathan and Harold.
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