kpty dep lost, needs reverting, breaks kwrited

Harald Sitter sitter at
Mon Jun 1 19:25:45 UTC 2015

ahoy ahoy

I fixed Jon's CI breakage today and noticed a bad bad regression and
my frail mind was not able to find the commit that actually broke it
so *shrug*...

kindly note that due to the debian merge the kpty packaging presently
has regressed and lost a build dep that in turn affects the way
kwrited (part of plasma releases) is built. since wily_archive for
5.10 was branched a while ago it is still broken and will need fixing
before landing otherwise I think kwrited will either not load or
perhaps even make kded explode as a whole.

to fix it simply cherrypick this commit
and do a new upload

other than that it appears the builds should be fine. or at least what
is now in unstable is fine :S

also someone add this incident to some list for talking over with
maxy. since I am not sure how it broke this needs investigation and
discussion (i.e. us diverging on debian in the area of bdeps is a
problem we had not considered as it essentially means that when debian
merges our stuff and re-applies their changes we will in turn need to
merge and re-apply our changes - of course someone is going to forget
that and things are going to break and everything will fall apart and
voldemort will rise again and sorry I am rambling....)

also I'll be mostly not reachable until thursday or so due to travels


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