[kubuntu-devel] help please git-buildpackage-ppa + kf5 merges

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Jul 13 09:54:47 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 11:57:05AM -0700, Scarlett Clark wrote:
> I am trying to do 5.3.2 backports and slamming into walls everytime I turn 
> around. I am about to give up.
> plasma-nm needs non existent modemmanager-qt-dev and I am told vivid needs a 
> newer kf5.

plasma-nm needs the new modemmanager-qt which has moved to frameworks, if it's hassle then just don't backport plasma-nm

> So I run the script for kf5 and get a pile of failures with not something we 
> can merge. 
> merge: origin/kubuntu_stable - not something we can merge
> looking in gitgui kubuntu_stable does not exist. Are frameworks handled 
> differently?

yes frameworks has no kubuntu_stable branch because upstream has only
master branch and no separate stable branch. Probably this just needs
a if frameworks then don't merge in the automation script.

> So now I am trying to do these by hand so I dont blow up CI again and
> git-buildpackage-ppa -d vivid --distversion 15.04 does not generate the 
> proper files for dput to upload the source and my uploads are rejected as no 
> source is being uploaded.

git-buildpackage is a mystery and is my nemsis.  Somehow you need to get it to pass -sa to debuild so it includes the .orig in the changes file.  looking at git-buildpackage-ppa it has a line if args.suffix > 1:  application += ["-sd"] so maybe remove that


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