kf5 5.7 utopic backports saga

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Sat Feb 28 12:17:19 UTC 2015

writing the status here before we forget it..

scarlett kindy did the backports of kf5 into utopic using the
kubuntu-ninjas PPA (after some faff failing to get the kubuntu-next/staging
ppa to accept them)
they were copied to kubuntu-ppa/next but then we had reports of them
causing failed upgrades so they were deleted
I tidied up the backport of kglobalaccel which was breaking the upgrades
Now when I try to copy them over to kubuntu-ppa/next it complains there is
already that version of the package in kubuntu-ppa/next even though there
is not

if someone has the energy for it they can bump the version numbers in the
packages in kubuntu-ninjas and get them all to compile again them copy them
to kubuntu-ppa/next.  But i'm mostly out of energy for it :(

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