Packages Still Depending On Obsolete Kdebase-runtime

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Feb 23 17:39:07 UTC 2015

There are still quite a few of these.  Much of this should be work suitable 
for new contributors.  Each package needs to be checked to see if the depends 
is hard coded in debian/control (in which case kdebase-runtime needs to be 
replaced with kde-runtime) or if the depends is there due to shlibs (in which 
case a no change rebuild should fix it - the action is to do a test rebuild and 

* gdebi-kde
* gwenrename [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* hannah-foo2zjs
* hplip-gui
* kepas [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* kftpgrabber [amd64 i386]
* kmldonkey [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* krecipes [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-bkodama [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-cpuload [i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-flickr [i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-fortunoid [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-makestatus [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-memusage [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-nextwallpaper [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-searchmoid [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-simplemonitor [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-stockquote [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-teacooker [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-tictactoe [amd64 i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-tvprogramme [i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-weatherforecast [i386 powerpc]
* plasma-widget-wifi [i386 powerpc]

Do the plasma-widgets even work with Plasma 5?  Should they be removed?

Scott K

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