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Mon Dec 28 22:25:43 UTC 2015

În ziua de Monday 28 December 2015, la 14:12:12, Scarlett Clark a scris:
> Oh for gosh darn sakes, can I not have a break and not get messages like these to make me feel guilty? I am seriously on the verge of burnout. Holidays is all I asked for. It is not too much for an unpaid volunteer to ask for. Really.
> Scarlett
We all know how much work you've put in, and there's nothing more we could ask of you, except to relax and be happy on your holidays. You shouldn't feel guilty for anything.

I just outlined the current status (from my perspective (I might be wrong)), and layed out a proposal for a plan.

The timeframe I've mentioned is one that would make people happy, but of course we all understand that we are volunteers and work on our spare time on this, and if it's not met, that that's it. And who doesn't understand that can go to lunch!

/me wishes Scarlett happy holidays and sends her a big hug from all the romanian Kubuntu users.-- 
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[1] http://ovidiu.geekaliens.com
[2] http://kubuntu.org
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