Rohan Garg rohangarg at kubuntu.org
Wed Dec 9 21:26:37 UTC 2015


On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 6:08 PM, Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org> wrote:
> forwarding from irc because sgclark is away this week
> <bshah> sgclark: your recent commit to kdeplasma-addons added git markers
> <bshah> (debian packaging)
> <bshah> bshah at archbox ..ea-tooling/git/plasma/kdeplasma-addons
> (git)-[kubuntu_unstable] % git grep HEAD
> <bshah> debian/control:<<<<<<< HEAD
> <bshah> debian/plasma-widgets-addons.install:<<<<<<< HEAD

Should be fixed now.

Rohan Garg

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