random things that need doing

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Fri Aug 21 10:45:40 UTC 2015


I am out a bit earlier today so I'll just dump a list of things that
could use some work if someone is interested:

- pam-kwallet5 needs integration into sddm and lightdm pam profiles
(simply hold on to pam-kwallet4 for what to change). I tried it with a
pam-auth-update in the kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update branch but
that adds pam-kwallet to deep in the profile stack making it used in
TTY, SSH and polkit sessions as well breaking things severely

- fix for https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=351056 needs testing
and possibly cherrypicking into packaging until frameworks 5.14 (also
maybe inform other packagers that they might want this when using

- kdepim(-runtime) need libkolab and libkolabxml as build deps and
they in turn need update to new releases. not sure we should CI those.
probably not. also in debian they are maintained by the kolab team

- oxygen (and I think also breeze) has it's configuration helper
packaged along the style which is meh and should be split into a
standalone package as the config works for style and window decoration

- discover appears to have a notification spam bug again which needs
investigating (i.e. notifies of updates constantly while apt-get
update is running)

- discover also has broken software-properties support

- CI needs greeing up, I mostly got wily stable sorted if we get wily
green ASAP that would be good so we can land apps15.08.1 and
plasma5.4.1 with green CI packaging again (vivid CI can mostly be
ignored as I can mass retry unstable builds once wily is green)

- unless Riddell did it already all applications repos need their
watch file changed to look at the right stable and *also* at the right
unstable path. best write a script to fix this

(random note: kwin CI is temporarily switched to a testing branch for
upstream, failure there can be ignored)

also feel free to put this on the trello board, ETOOLAZY :P

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