Kubuntu Day Notes

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Thu Sep 11 15:21:56 UTC 2014

Thanks all for coming

Moving launchpad bzr packaging to debian alioth git
    -kubuntu people to sign up to alioth
    -have separate branches, master for debian and kubuntu/utopic for
kubuntu etc with master being where changes are made
    -kubuntu-automation scripts to be adapted to automatically merge from
master before upload
    -go back to using branches for SRUs in kubuntu
    - start with frameworks
    - look at maxy's super scripts to see if we can use them

How to know when Plasma 5 is ready and how to make sure it really is
    - stability good enough
    - desire to port missing kcm modules
    - port ubiquity to PyQt5
    - port apport to PyQt5
    - on release announcment advertise kubuntu-ppa plasma5 tag for bugs and
missing features
    - have a QA day(s) after plasma 5.1 to compile list of missing features
    - after 14.10 release take decision on switch to plasma 5 pronto
    - harald to replace kdesu with pkexec

Appstream adoption time line planning and responsibilities
    - database similar to list applications to replace app-install-data
    - dep-11 has it in progress, possible support needed in launchpad
    - else aleix will cry/stab us

orca support
    - add orca to image?
    - add shortcut to desktop to turn it on?
    - add integration in casper/ubiquity to easy turn on
    - sddm support would be lovely
    - get friends with AlanBell and TheMuso for ubuntu love
    - kcm will need love, work with fregl to get that in
    - make default profiles upstream and integrate them

Group photo
    - everything is awesome
    - hungry

If there's interest a short status report about the city of Munich's KDE 4
    - next month starts
    - user feedback by next akademy
    - problems with libreoffice and plymouth
    - using kubuntu-ppa packages ("branched") and HWE trusty
    - patches for Ark to go upstream, find a maintainer and forward
    - they have students working on libreoffice qt5 port, hopefully by the
end of the year

    - add a forwarded column
    - adapt to work with debian git
    - rohan to learn javascript and add sort/search to the page

Plasma/Framework Packaging:
    - Frameworks 5 port i18n catalog patch
    - look at kde4libs, kde-runtime and kde-workspace and port all
necessary patches
    - netbook is dead
    - active dead for forseeable future
    - michael b might be interested in devices currently in barcelona

Continuous Packaging review/improvement suggestions
    - http://neon.blue-systems.com:8080/
    - branches for unstable and stable (plasma/frameworks)
    - daily updates at 5 in the morning, if you push to bzr it triggers a
    - for now it only reports compile failure, todo is detecting cmake
output, lintian and other errors
    - neon to be retired entirely eventually
    - isos still to be made, details to be sorted

Social media stratejoy
    - jonathan has set up accounts and a hootsuite account to manage them
    - consider buying a hootsuite account and share with KDE and others?
    - work out @kubuntu twitter e-mail and change it?
    - keep notes on likely social media posts, interesting features, small
tips, and post once a day

How to tackle bug management / triage
    - valorie to e-mail kubuntu-bugs people  DONE

    - december RC, jan release?
    - looking at Arch and Manjaro to check what works cross distro

    - sayak and kenny c interested in implementing
    - website to list test cases for KDE apps, easy for testers and app
maintainers, useful info to come out the backend
    - user focused tests "try to achieve X" "test feature Y"
    - communication happening on kde-testing

How to QA and what to QA
    - jenkins automatic file conflict checking?
    - establish policy, frameworks to use autopkgtest and deactivate build
time testing, let pitti moan to harald,
    - rohan to find out policy on using pkg-kde-tools scripts

    - poke ovidiu and others repeatedly
    - get feedback from VDG
    - launch!

    - valorie to review docs and fix
    - jonathan to review website and stop it autorunning so often

    - jonathan to port to Qt 5

Review todo's for Utopic
    - poke dobey or dpm about intltool .ui integration
    - harald wants a list of KF5 apps and kdelibs4 apps
    - ovidiu to look at ufw
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