Plasma 5 on nvidia

Mitch Golden mgolden at
Fri Nov 21 11:45:02 UTC 2014

On Fri, 21 Nov 2014, Rick.Timmis wrote:

> Hi Mitch
> Thank you for this excellently written Bug report.
> I have opened a Bug on for this issue, with my initial thoughts being that the Ubiquity installer team will want to know about this.
> I shall look to triage in due course, as I have a Samsung with an Nvidia GPU
> For other bugs and issues, you can also report them to and I would encourage you to open a launchpad account. This will enable you to comment and add detail to the above Bug too.

Thanks.  I do have a launchpad account and I regularly do submit bugs to 
it.  My concern is that this bug is sort of a worst-case scenario, as far 
as responsability goes.  The bug by itself is quite serious - but it's not 
clear who fixes it.  It isn't probably a kubuntu packaging issue.  It may 
be a plasma 5 kde (upstream) issue.  It is I guess even more likely to be 
a combination of plasma 5 and nvidia driver issue - in which case I don't 
know where to report it because that driver is proprietary.

The installer actually supplies the open-source nouveau driver.  There is 
no control panel that reports the clock speed under nouveau.  From the 
sound of the fan I am guessing that nouveau is also running the clock at a 
high rate a lot of the time.

At the very least all of this should be looked into by someone who knows 
more about it than it - preferably before the decision to make Kubuntu 
15.04 be plasma 5 is permanently taken.

> Finally you can also get hold of us on IRC in #kubuntu or #kubuntu-devel

I will try that as well.

   - Mitch Golden

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