Locale issue and some comments

Dimitris Kardarakos d.kardarakos at gmail.com
Wed May 28 14:18:11 UTC 2014

Hi everyone and thanks for your work.

A few days ago I opened the following KDE bug:

As mentioned in the bug report, the issue is that setting country to Greece
and language to English in "System Settings" I end up with an invalid
~/.kde/env$setlocale.sh script and, as a result, an invalid system locale.

KDE correctly commented that it is a Kubuntu issue, so I opened the

I would like to mention that I totally disagree with the response I got:
Won't Fix, "Invalid country language combinations lead to invalid locales."

>From a user viewpoint, I consider Country=Greece and Language=English as a
valid configuration. And as mentioned in KDE bug "We set and manage
regional format settings and translation languages separately, allowing
combinations to be mixed and matched as the user wants", it seems that KDE
support such a setting.

>From a technical viewpoint, I think that users' invalid settings should not
lead to invalid configurations; if settings were invalid, users should be
prevented from selecting them (in most cases).

>From a moral viewpoint, which is main the reason I am sending this e-mail,
I consider the response as offensive. I have been using Kubuntu for the
last 4 years, I have translated Kubuntu documentation to Greek in Userbase,
I have tried to let my friends give Kubuntu a try, so, I consider myself
somehow as part of the Kubuntu community. The only reason I have mentioned
this is because I consider this issue as a major one for a portion of
Kubuntu users in Greece (either existing or potential users).


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