membership/devship candidacy and user wiki pages

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Sat May 10 03:48:46 UTC 2014

On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 1:49 AM, Harald Sitter <apachelogger at> wrote:
> while moving wiki pages it struck me as very odd that we *require*
> people to start a wiki page on their person, detailing their past
> achivements and so forth.
> upon thinking about it for a bit I came to conclude that this is a bit
> of a silly requirement and having talked about it briefly on IRC there
> was some agreement on this.
> why is it silly?
> because people will most likely not update it. so it very much is part
> of the candidacy but after that it just stays there and rots away
> containing ever so incomplete and/or outdated information.
> what to do instead?
> as JR mentioned on IRC, the information in general is handy for the
> candidate review. so, dropping that requirement entirely probably
> isn't an option. instead I would like to propose to change it to a
> free-form "write about your past deeds and future plans on a suitable
> web medium" (albeit, more words than that :P)
> how so?
> to us it does not matter whether the information is on the wiki, or on
> launchpad, or a personal blog, or linkedin, or 3000 twitter posts
> (well, actually that might count as a not suitable medium ;)). so,
> requiring someone to create information where they perhaps do not want
> to have it and/or won't maintain it doesn't make aaaaaaaaaany sense.
> instead people should write about their awesomeness where they feel
> this information should reside.
> testimonials...
> for some reason additionally testimonials are
> suggested/required/necessary/cool, usually people would probably ditch
> them at the wiki page. alas, that does only happen after the candidate
> asks for a testimonial anyway, so whether he asks them to write on a
> wiki page or send them a mail with the testimonial makes no
> difference.
> any thoughts?
> HS

I'll speak up in favor of a wiki page, since that is a requirement for
Ubuntu membership, and also applications to other Councils, MOTU,
Ubuntu-packager, etc.

The Ubuntu community is often seen to be a bit too much in love with
bureaucracy, but for the most part the teams (IRC ops, Community
Council, Technical Board, etc.) do valuable and useful work.

I think alternatives are fine; if someone is already an active
blogger, then they can bring URLs of some blog posts, etc. But for me
the wiki page is a useful place to stash a lot of *buntu-related
information. As I look over past events, it reminds me of what's
coming up too.

All the best,



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