Council quorum rules clarification (was: Re: Kubuntu Policies

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Wed Jun 18 14:53:17 UTC 2014

On Sat, Jun 07, 2014 at 02:55:25PM +0200, Philip Muskovac wrote:
> I think the reason the other councils have 7 people is mostly for attendance 
> reasons so I'm not sure whether we really need it.
> We could stay close to the dev ruling and say:
> A vote needs to have at least +3 with at least 4 people having voted, be it in 
> meeting or ML.
> That would make the passing conditions:
> +6
> +5 = +5 [+0]
> +4 = +5 -1 [+0], +4 [+2x0]
> +3 = +4 -1 [+0], +3 +0 [+2x0]
> This would also make ties impossible as at most one person may be against it.
> (which would mean that +3 -2 also doesn't pass, it also pretty much reduces 
> the voting to a 5 people council with the 6th person being a voting speed up)
> Too complicated or do the others think that we can usually agree on something 
> to pass it?

When I started the Kubuntu Council I picked 6 as being a high number
compared to, I think, 4 on technical board and community council.
High so that it didn't matter if someone dropped out.  I've always
considered a vote to be quorum with 3 people, requiring more just
means there is more chance for too many people to drop off the
internet and a vote not to be possible.

So my vote is for 3 people as quorum.   Meta votes are tricky :)


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