Council quorum rules clarification (was: Re: Kubuntu Policies (for council consideration))

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Jun 6 05:36:13 UTC 2014

On Thursday, June 05, 2014 16:35:30 Philip Muskovac wrote:
> Now to the coucil: I'm not quite sure how to intepret [1].
> Taking it literally, quorum is 3x +1 no matter what the other 3 people vote
> (if at all). Which would mean though that 3x +1 and 3x -1 are a passing
> vote of 0. Our old council voting rules [2] state that quorum is a majority
> vote with the chair having a casting vote, but we haven't had a chair for
> years (unless you consider jr to be the permanent chair)
> Another quorum definition would be to require +3, with nobody voting -1
> (which is what I personally favor, but that might be rather impractical for
> decision making) Or we require a general majority vote of people present
> (i.e. 3 people have to vote for >= +3, for 6 people present it's >= +4, and
> for less than 3 people vote continues per mail unless at least +3 is
> reached) I believe that's closest to the last CC discussion about this [3]
> What may I understand as the correct interpretation here?

How does this compare to what's in the documentation for kubuntu-dev to 
approave a new member?  I remember agreeing with that and think it's likely 
what we meant for the council as well, but maybe better written.

Scott K

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