plasma5 and autostarting things

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Mon Jul 28 08:26:59 UTC 2014

ahoy ahoy,

since I keep telling different people the same thing here I am telling
everyone at once :P
everything that should be autostarted but isn't, likely has the
autostart entry in /usr/share/autostart (this is the path kdelibs4
used) rather than /etc/xdg (the path used by frameworks and gnome and

this includes but is in no way limited to:
- kmix
- polkit-kde
- korgac
- pim migrator (which has a bit of a small impact given its one and only use)

to fix the affected bits the following needs to be done:
change cmakelists.txt to install to /etc/xdg/autostart *and* make sure
that a possible OnlyShowIn=KDE entry is present (I am particularly
thinking of polkit-kde for example).

latter is necessary because as previously mentioned
/usr/share/autostart was KDE exclusive while /etc/xdg is not, so while
previously one would have gotten away with no proper Show entries,
this is not the case any more.

all of this of course ultimately should be done in the upstream repos
for the respective 4.x series to make sure not every distro reinvents
the wheel

some additional info is available here:


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