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Pali Rohár pali.rohar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 19:41:53 UTC 2014

On Thursday 24 July 2014 15:38:38 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> We're some missing symbols in libkopete in 4.14 beta
>  _ZN6Kopete11ChatSession26slotContactPropertyChangedEPNS_17Pro
> pertyContainerERK7QStringRK8QVariantS8_ at Base 4:4.3.4
>  _ZN6Kopete14CommandHandler20slotExecReturnedDataEP9K3ProcessP
> ci at Base 4:4.3.4
> Either they should be put back or the API bumped, which is
> better?
> Jonathan


from kopete file kopetechatsession.h was removed private slot 
slotContactPropertyChanged(). It is not used, so not needed 

If missing private function in c++ class is problem and it really 
breaking kopete API & ABI then I will add back this private slot 
as dummy function (which do nothing). This could not be problem.

Next symbol probably comes from file kopetecommandhandler.h as  
slot slotExecReturnedData. This slot was private too and was used 
as callback function for K3Process. That kopete file was ported 
from K3Process to KProcess class, so old slot must have been 
removed (also it was not used anymore). Btw, removed was also 
private slot slotExecFinished.

If these missing private slots somehow breaking API/ABI (which 
should not happen as these methods are private) it is not easy to 
revert them back. Maybe declaring dummy c++ class K3Process could 
help with creating dummy slot functions...

In my opinion API and also ABI was not broken so increasing 
version of library is not good idea.

So, how do you want to solve this problem now?

Pali Rohár
pali.rohar at gmail.com
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