Final thoughts/votes on Kubuntu Policy

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon Jul 21 11:20:44 UTC 2014

Read it over again, looks great, some comments..

 "Software that is not managed on KDE's infrastructure is considered unrelated to KDE. "
 "Official KDE software is generally every piece of software that has an official VCS on KDE's infrastructure and/or uses KDE's bug tracker. "
KDE software is software that complies with the KDE manifesto, not necessarily on KDE's own infrastructure.

 "A bug is considered to have high impact if... AND upstream is aware and investigating " 
Sometimes upstream won't care as it's a released version or it doesn't affect their distro, I think this bug requirement should be losened

 "Election Process ((TBD)) " 
should say that it's ~kubuntu-members who vote on council members

 "This is limited to the packages inside the kubuntu package set. " 
link to package set list?

 "Existing ~kubuntu-members member, survive an interview by ~kubuntu-dev, get accepted by >= 3 existing developers."
saying nothing about the 50 members who disapproved, should say a majority in favour

 "Stable Updates ... KDE SC"
this section will need to be reviewed and
updated for KF5 land including in the first case KDE Applications
which are due to replace KDE SC before the end of this year and
includes kdelibs4 software as well as KF5 software.  A job for later, but not too much later.

One question is how does all this apply to Qt?  It's packaged by some
nice people working for Canonical and they generally work nicely with
Debian and upstream and we don't want to scare/piss them off, but they
can be lax at sending patches upstream.  I think they should be asked
how much they feel able to comply to these policies.

I can go ahead and make these changes if people agree.


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