KDE SC 4.13

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 22 20:24:27 UTC 2014

2 upstreams tend towards 4.13, no objections. On our side of things
there are concerns however also most comments are in favor of going
for 4.13.

So, we'll try to land 4.13, whether or not we should do a post-tagging
4.13.0 sneaky upload before our 14.04 final probably needs to be
decided closer to the action (somewhat depends on the quality of the
rc). The other option is releasing with 4.13rc (with additional
cherry-picked patches) and pushing 4.13.0 as SRU. To asses the quality
of 4.13rc we'll either do some exploratory testing or some essential
core test cases (or a mix), I'll need to toss a coin on that ;)

Should the quality of the rc not be what we expect we'll do a roll
back to 4.12. I'll try to whip up a rudimentary script to handle this
as well as possible before then. At that point we will have ~2 weeks
until 14.04 final, so extra quality control would need to be run to
assure release quality of the rollback. Please note that this would be
the last way out and will only be implemented iff 4.13rc is beyond
salvagable rubbish, which seems unlikely given recent rcs and the
awesomeness of upstream. Still we need to be prepared for this.

yofel already created the relevant cards on the 14.04 deadlines board
[1]. Thanks for that.

[1] https://trello.com/b/sdTmhD0H/14-04-deadlines-quality-control


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