Kubuntu 12.04 repositories broken by partly KDE 5 upgrade

Clay Weber clay at claydoh.com
Tue Dec 30 17:00:13 UTC 2014

On December 30, 2014 6:14:14 AM EST, "Christian Bjørnbak" <cbj at touristonline.dk> wrote:
>Earlier today I ran moun updates on my Kubuntu 12.04.5.
>It contained what seems to be a partial KDE 5 upgrade.
>The result is that my KDE is broken.
>sudo apt-get cache show kde-full show that it has version
>I have tried to remove all kde packages with sudo apt-get remove kde*
>Afterwards trying to reinstall with sudo apt-get install kde-standard
>kubuntu-desktop but can't due to dependencies that are not going to be
>Trying to install the dependencies which is not installed recursively I
>find dependencies like libio5 which can't be located.
>Please fix the kubuntu-backports precise repository so it is either
>kde 4 or a complete kde 5 install!
>Kind regards,
>Christian Bjørnbak

Just to clarify, there are no Plasma 5 packages for 12.04. The package you reference, kde-full, is a Debian specific meta-package that  simply causes the entire set of KDE packages.

The meta-package itself that you see is actually at version 71, the "5:" is an "epoch" number, and is there specifically for versioning purposes, and is completely unrelated to the version of KDE.

Providing the output requested by Jörn will help greatly in figuring out the real problem here.
Clay Weber
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