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> If you remember, I was working on the new website for kubuntu. I have
> completed the design and converted into a wordpress theme. So I was
> wondering that if I can use the username and password used to setup
> I will not have to install wordpress again. I can just
> activate the theme and proceed.
> Is that possible or do I need to install wordpress? If there is some other
> way please inform me the same as I have never setup wordpress theme 
on the
> server.

Have you tested the theme on an active Wordpress? If not, please do this 

I can create a user for you on the Wordpress instance we use, no problem 
for that, but I'd preffer that we install that theme together, to make sure 
that nothing breaks.

The content on that site was migrated as a sponsorship from a company 
and I'd hate to loose it to have to call them again for this, which I doubt 
they'll be to eager to do again.

Where is the theme code? Is it somewhere public so we can take a look at 

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