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Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Fri Apr 11 18:17:54 UTC 2014

Harald Sitter wrote:
> As I said in the bug report, that is quite simply an invalid config.

I don't dispute that. It is just a config left over when I had lightdm 
installed with the Lubuntu packages which I later removed (and purged).

> If you were to remove lightdm-kde-greeter you'd end up with an equally
> broken config if the greeter-session was set to lightdm-kde-greeter.

That's true, but originally I didn't create the problem intentionally 
but I installed and later removed lightdm which is a valid procedure 
IMHO. OTOH lightdm-kde-greeter was even installed by the upgrader, so in 
reality lightdm-kde-greeter would not be missing after the upgrade.

> Removing the config doesn't really solve that, at best that's a
> debian packaging standard violating workaround.
> What would need to happen is that lightdm needs to grow fallback logic
> for when the configured greeter cannot be loaded so that it would
> then continue trying to load an arbitrary greeter that works and
> continues using that as default.
> At any rate though this is something that has to be addressed by
> lightdm at large, it is neither Kubuntu specific, nor does it have any
> more impact on Kubuntu than on other flavors.

Well, I mostly agree. However it may be a problem for other Kubuntu 
users who also had lightdm additionally installed for some reason and 
later removed it. Sure it is a lightdm fault but I think it is a Kubuntu 
specific problem because the other Ubuntu flavours already have lightdm 
installed (AFAIK). And the Kubuntu upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 replaces 
kdm with lightdm (I don't know which DM Kubuntu 13.10 uses). So this is 
probably the last upgrade cycle anyway, where it can happen and 
therefore I have no idea how important it really is. It is certainly not 
a problem for the majority of Kubuntu users who have only Kubuntu 
packages installed. So if you decide it isn't worth the time to do 
anything about it, it is fine by me.


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