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Wed Sep 18 06:34:13 UTC 2013

Aaron, I've done what I know so far; need more knowledgeable people to
correct what I've written, and put more information. If I knew where to
research it, I'd do it!

So if no one feels like writing, send me to somewhere I can find out what
the various install choices mean?


On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 8:34 PM, Aaron Honeycutt <aaronhoneycutt at
> wrote:

> Hey Shrinivasan T.
> We would love your help with the Docs in any way 😊.
> Valorie would you be up to try to fill in the missing pieces of the
> Installation part, while I and Riddell try to get the rest on to the server?
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> Hi Shrinivasan T.
> Support is easy; join #kubuntu and speak up! Also, we have a kubuntu-users
> list; Finally,
> there are the forums - some questions in Ubuntu Forums, some in the KDE
> Forums, and we have our own Kubuntu Forum as well:
> . Pick your medium(s) of interest and help
> out.
> Docs: Aaron heads up the doc team, and we have our sub-Trello:
> Do some looking around at the wiki, fix anything you find that's wrong,
> and just generally pitch in. Our last bit was working on the Installation
> part; those images will have to be checked, and the text gone over to make
> sure it is 1. accurate, and 2. clear and helpful.
> For the Docs, there are two major tasks ahead: the first being moving the
> wiki stuff to the server, which means converting the wiki markup to html;
> the second being to come up with some standard short docs which we can put
> into Docbook and give to the translators. These docs will be seldom edited,
> so we'll probably use the old package and just cut, cut, cut.
> Valorie
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