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Mon Sep 9 21:21:03 UTC 2013

Hi Shrinivasan T.

Support is easy; join #kubuntu and speak up! Also, we have a kubuntu-users
list; Finally,
there are the forums - some questions in Ubuntu Forums, some in the KDE
Forums, and we have our own Kubuntu Forum as well: . Pick your medium(s) of interest and help

Docs: Aaron heads up the doc team, and we have our sub-Trello:

Do some looking around at the wiki, fix anything you find that's wrong, and
just generally pitch in. Our last bit was working on the Installation part;
those images will have to be checked, and the text gone over to make sure
it is 1. accurate, and 2. clear and helpful.

For the Docs, there are two major tasks ahead: the first being moving the
wiki stuff to the server, which means converting the wiki markup to html;
the second being to come up with some standard short docs which we can put
into Docbook and give to the translators. These docs will be seldom edited,
so we'll probably use the old package and just cut, cut, cut.


On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 11:00 AM, Shrinivasan T <tshrinivasan at>wrote:

> Thanks.
> Will meet you all at irc.
> I love to work on documents and support.
> Where are we getting the support queries for kubuntu?
> How to contribute for documentation?
> Thanks for your guidance.
> On 09-Sep-2013 3:02 PM, "Jonathan Riddell" <jr at> wrote:
>> Fabulous, please do come and join us.  You've already found us in
>> #kubuntu-devel IRC channel on freenode and we do most of our coordination
>> there so do join again and say hi.
>> What are you interested in doing?  We need packagers, testers, coders,
>> documentors, user supporters, artists etc etc
>> Jonathan
>> On 7 September 2013 15:08, shrini <tshrinivasan at> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am shrini, from chennai, india.
>>> Like to join this team.
>>> Please add me.
>>> Thanks.
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