Fwd [ubuntu-release] Please promote 64-bit images by default on the download pages

Alessandro Menti alessandro.menti at hotmail.it
Thu Sep 5 07:16:37 UTC 2013

Il 05/09/2013 03:22, pansz ha scritto:
> For non-technical user, if 32-bit is the default image, the may wonder why
> they have a 4GB or 8GB memory computer but they cannot see 4GB memory in
> ubuntu.
> Then how do you explain they need 64 bit install media?
How about developing a small Windows utility that behaves like SecurAble
(an - unfortunately non-free - utility that checks for CPU features [1])
and tells the user if their CPU supports a 64 bit OS? (I think most
non-technical users run Windows at the point they try to download Ubuntu
for the first time, such an utility would be - in my opinion - the most
foolproof way to perform the detection).

Alessandro Menti

[1] https://www.grc.com/securable.htm
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