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Happy to know about the commercial support for kubuntu.

Thanks for all who are behind this.
On 03-Sep-2013 7:31 PM, "Jonathan Riddell" <jr at jriddell.org> wrote:

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> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 10:15:49 +0100
> Subject: Please forward to the Kubuntu Council
> From: Niall McCarthy <nmccarthy at emerge-open.com>
> To: Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org>,
>         Tariq Fayaz <tariq at withsupport.co.uk>
>    Hi Jonathan,
>    I'm delighted that we've finally got the commercial Kubuntu support
>    offering under way. It feels like such a long time since we first spoke!
>    Some points for the council to discuss please:
>    a) We currently have no engagement contract in place with Kubuntu. I
> think
>    it is always wise to have a contract in place. With your permission,
>    Emerge Open will get a contract drafted for your review over the coming
>    months. The contract will be published under Creative Commons.
>    b) Emerge Open is a not-for-profit who's mission is to provide
> sustainable
>    funding for Open Source Communities. If you do anything for us please
>    emphasize this point.
>    c) As you are aware Emerge Open's support service is currently
> outsourced
>    to WithSupport Ltd. We've been delighted with our relationship with
>    WithSupport for the last year and have found them highly professional
> and
>    skilled. However, if the Kubuntu Community is unhappy with the quality
> of
>    commercial support it is receiving then it can request that Emerge Open
>    changes its support partner. This process will have to be fleshed out in
>    contract. In short, the Kubuntu Community retains its right to choose.
>    d) The Kubuntu commercial support will not be the only source of funding
>    you will receive from Emerge Open. In the very near future, all profits
>    from any IT Service provision will be pushed directly into Community.
> This
>    will be on a trial basis for the moment and it does not relate to
> profits
>    that Emerge Open will make from similar relationships we may have with
>    other Communities. The money will be split evenly between our Community
>    partners (currently, Kubuntu is the only one, but that is likely to
> change
>    soon). Please bear in mind that we're a start up so IT Services profits
>    are going to be thin on the ground for a while :)
>    e) Emerge Open provides Recruitment services. Revenue from the
> recruitment
>    services will be used to pay our staff, to finance business growth and
> to
>    create a fund for larger investments in Community. The recruitment
>    services are explicitly separate from IT services. We publish some
>    vacancies (http://www.emerge-open.biz/#!jobs/cw67) and Kubuntu can also
>    attract contributions through this mechanism as explained on the
> website.
>    f) Emerge Open directors cannot be paid a dividend and the business
> cannot
>    be sold for private gain. Director's pay is published here:
>    http://www.emerge-open.biz/#!being-open/cy29
>    Please have no hesitation in contacting me should you have any
> questions.
>    Best regards,
>    Niall
>    --
>    Niall McCarthy
>    Tel:    +44 (0)203 0510129
>    Web: www.emerge-open.biz
>    "Genius is 99% Collaboration and 1% Inspiration"
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