Resignation as Kubuntu member

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Tue Nov 26 02:48:06 UTC 2013

"Àlex Fiestas" <afiestas at> wrote:
>Greetings to everybody.
>Since I did user-manager I haven't had time to work on any Kubuntu
>issues and taking a look at how tight my agenda is these days I have
>hope to find the time required to work on Kubuntu stuff.
>Because of that and some personal issues (lack of motivation) I think
>it will 
>be best if I resign as kubuntu member, I kinda need a break on
>I also have un-subscribed myself from the list, I have this nasty OCD
>that forces me to read all my emails and that will be
>counter-productive in my 
>objective of taking a break from "all things distro".
>Anyway, it is not like I'm leaving KDE or anything like that, I will be
>around, I will help with upstar/systemd and after all Rohan is sitting
>than 2m away from me in the office so I will be available and reachable
>just not 
>on mailing list.
>Cheers !

Membership is given for significant and sustained contributions in the past. You needn't resign membership.

Scott K

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