Installing Kubuntu 13.10 on UEFI/SecureBoot Systems

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Thu Nov 7 14:15:02 UTC 2013

Regrettably Kubuntu 13.10 has problems configuring UEFI correctly,
such that you will not be presented with a bootable system after
installation [1].

To rectify the problem an update has been released and all bootable
systems should automatically get repaired during the update process.

To prevent this issue from appearing on newly installed systems please
make sure the computer is connected to the internet and enable the
option "Download updates while installing" on the "Prepare" page of
the installer [2].

If no internet connection is available you can attempt a manual
workaround that requires you to know how to use the terminal and mount
command. Each UEFI system has a specific partition (formatted using
the FAT filesystem) that contains the bootloaders. First you will have
to find your system's EFI partition. It's usually best to simply mount
all available partitions and check which one is the right one. The EFI
partition will be rather small (only a couple hundred megabytes) and
contain a folder called "EFI". Once you have found the EFI partition,
copy the folder "EFI/kubuntu/" to "EFI/ubuntu/". That's all. After you
booted into Kubuntu 13.10 it is advised to do a full upgrade as soon
as possible.

Meanwhile additional quality assurance measures have been introduced
to ensure that future releases provide the best possible experience on
UEFI/SecureBoot systems, starting with 14.04.


HS for the Kubuntu Development Team

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