Ralph Janke txwikinger at
Wed May 8 16:03:30 UTC 2013

I think we should discussed how we can integrate the KlyDE
project ( 
into Kubuntu and/or how we can move it forward.

Since KDE by itself is very modular, it makes a lot of sense to allow the users
to be able to select more, what parts of KDE are useful to them, and which 
are just cluttering or wasting resources. Obviously for the Newbies who 
would not know, the can still be one or more adequate profiles that work as

On Wed, May 08, 2013 at 12:08:34PM +0100, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> vUDS is next week, what do we want to do at it for Kubuntu?
> I think sessions on LTS hardware enablement backporting and UEFI
> support would be good conversations to have with knowledgeable people
> in Foundations.  Any others?
> Should we have a Kubuntu mumble call to discuss plans for 13.10?
> Jonathan
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