merges and 4.10.3

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon May 6 18:15:40 UTC 2013

Time to merge!  Debian is unfrozen and they have much of 4.10.2 in
experimental. My workflow is

mark the package on our Trello todo
grab our current package
grab the debian package
grab the 4.10.3 tar
put debian packaging into the 4.10.3 tar
add changelog
copy in the current ubuntu changelog where it diverged from debian
check patches for what's still needed
merge in changes in debian/rules and debian/control and debian/anything else
grab the current ubuntu symbols files
make sure it's all documented in changelog
test build it in saucy (chroot or ec2)
put in bzr and check the diff

all help appreciated

if that doesn't excite you 4.10.3 is currently compiling away in ninjas for

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