libqtmultimediakit1 needs pulseaudio running

Tomasz Bojczuk seelook at
Wed Mar 20 10:39:32 UTC 2013

> Yep I agree it complains and blocks if pulseaudio isn't about.  Have added a dependency now.

Thanks for investigation and reply.
Meanwhile a guy from KXStudio made QtMultimedia free of this
dependency (build Qt without audio plugin) so they have got solution
as well.
By the way, I ported that audio background to RtAudio witch simply
switches among available audio "engines" - JACK, Pulse, Alsa.
I think it was intended in QtMultimedia: when Pulse is not available -
Alsa starts.
Maybe there is a bug.

> If you want to get nootka packaged in Ubuntu then poke here or in the IRC channel, there are people
> about who would happily help out.
Obviously I want...
Thanks for clue, I will put a request.

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