konversation 1.5

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 14 19:41:08 UTC 2013

I am currently trying to get konversation 1.5 into raring, what with it
being the first release in like 1.5 years it seems like a worthwhile effort
for the fans of konversation.

To get some preliminary testing I invite everyone to test it form:


(amd64 still pending build [1])

If all goes well I hope to have it landing in raring within the next couple
of days. After that we will update the snapshot regularly up until 1.5
final to get the best amount of testing in the short time that we have.

In case you fancy testing one of the cool new things you could give SASL
auth a shot [2].

Trello card is at [3].


[1] https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental/+build/4369816
[2] http://userbase.kde.org/Konversation/Configuring_SASL_authentication
[3] https://trello.com/c/7XXEYPJP
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