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Mark Fraser mfraz74+ubuntu at
Thu Mar 14 09:10:50 UTC 2013

On 14 March 2013 07:59, Mark Fraser <mfraz74+ubuntu at> wrote:

> Since upgrading to version 1.9.95 of muon-updater from the Kubuntu
> backports
> PPA in Kubuntu 12.10 I've been unable to update anything. I get 3-4 windows
> popping up upon loading saying that I'm about to login to opendesktop and
> when
> I click on the tick to update the progress bar moves across, but nothing
> gets
> updated.
Looks like this needs to be repackaged as according to Jonathan at

Due to human error, the tarball released for Muon 1.9.95 was actually a
snapshot from git master (2.1 pre-alpha stuff). This was never meant for
public consumption. The 1.9.97 (2.0 RC2) release consists of RC1, but with
a proper tarball.
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