QApt does not install by clicking on .deb file

Volkan Gezer volkangezer at
Sun Mar 3 23:24:41 UTC 2013


When you click on .deb file to install it without commands, it opens a
dialog to install (QApt) and when you click on Install, it asks for

Continuing to operation shows DONE, but actually it installs nothing.

Using terminal does not have the same problem.

Eg. download google-chrome and click on .DEB file to install and
proceed with the next steps. It won't be installed.

Type: dpkg -i google...... and it installs without any problems.

I tried with gdebi-kde and it just works.

Did you notice this problem or am I the only one experiencing this?

PS: I reinstalled qapt packages, but no progress...

Thank you,

En İyi Dileklerimle,
Volkan GEZER
volkangezer at

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