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On 06/17/2013 04:10 PM, Harald Sitter wrote:
> ahoy,
> On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 2:58 AM, Àlex Fiestas <afiestas at 
> <mailto:afiestas at>> wrote:
>     Hi there
>     A few weeks (months?) back I upgraded my parents system to 13.04,
>     they were quite scared of doing it themselves so they asked me to
>     do it (which is weird since they have done the process already).
>     So I found this on the systemtray:
>     First I clicked on the bulb since it is the most different icon. I
>     tasked me to "Run this action". I did. A terminal opened with some
>     text that since I was distracted I was not able to see. Once it
>     finished the bulb appeared again in what seemed to be an infinite
>     loop of "Run this action", "Terminal Opens", "Bulb appears again".
> this issue is really really really weird. so the bulb essentially 
> represent an ubuntu feature called package hooks. it allows a package 
> to let the user execute a command after installation/upgrade. this is 
> to move time consuming or complex configuration out of the installation.
> most prominent example is apt-file, which requires a file cache of all 
> packages available through apt, creating that cache takes ages and 
> requires an active internet connection so someone moved it into a 
> hook. this allows the user to create/update the cache after 
> installation when he does not intend to use the system and has 
> internet available.
> a hook needs to explicitly declare that it wants a terminal to be 
> shown making it very much a packagers' choice. you could have a gui 
> application 'myconfig' run via the hook as well, allowing the user to 
> do indepth configuration of mysql or something without ever showing a 
> terminal.
> all that said, the only reason you'd get this behavior is by having a 
> very weird package installed (i.e. there are very few archive packages 
> using this and really only apt-file comes to mind) or the notifier 
> kded module is/was bugged.

Looks like flashplugin-installer uses this hook and requires terminal as 
well (it downloads actual flash from Canonical's server there and then 
actually installs it), as i always get this behavior when flash is updated.

> you could take a look at /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/ to see what 
> files linger there.
>     Then I clicked the white update icon I think, muon-updater was
>     executed I selected all packages when it was suggested that a new
>     version was available but I decided to upgrade the current version
>     first. The process failed because it was unable to download some
>     packages.
> I am not sure whether that was fixed meanwhile... Jonathan? I have 
> been complaining about this for years :P
> What happens is that apt-get update is run -> notifier is shown -> 
> user waits 3000 days -> clicks notifier -> tries to install -> 404 
> parade (though I have to admit this only happens with PPAs, the 
> official archive does not remove packages). Easy as hell to resolve by 
> simply forcing a cache update before starting the actual package 
> installations.
> this really should not ever happen. in fact, updates should not ever 
> fail for no reason what so ever, not even if the internet connection 
> is lost the flipping update should fail but be put on hold or 
> something. I know, I am day dreaming again... :(
>     Then I clicked the other button, the dialog that appeared was not
>     fully translated to Spanish (this would be important to my parents).
> was it this here thingy? 
> I do admit that I have not ever looked at upgrade l10n as that is 
> supposed to be shared with the gnome tool, so it should work(tm) -.-
>     Once the upgraded finished and I rebooted the computer, I found
>     again two icons on the systemtray, this time only the colored
>     upgrade and the bulb.
>     I clicked the bulb, then "Run this action", then a terminal
>     opened, and the bulb was finally gone.
>     I clicked on the colored icon, muon-updated appeared, upgraded
>     some packages and offered me restart.
> this is curious. Jonathan, isn't muon-updater supposed to be the 
> monochrome icon? :O
>     How can we improve this? what is this bulb doing? can it stop
>     showing a terminal?
>     Can we only show one icon instead of 2 for upgrade?
> my best guess for this is that one was the dist-upgrade and one was 
> the muon-upgrader for regular packages. Jonathan would know. 
> supposedly it should be still be the same notifier though (perhaps 
> simply use a different icon if a dist-upgrade is available?). upon 
> clicking it muon-updater comes up and presents both options.
>     Why did I have to upgrade just after upgrading? I had bad luck or
>     is it normal?
> bad luck most likely. though some time ago we discussed the 
> possibility of phasing non-security updates - such that updates only 
> get offered every 7 days by default - it would prevent this type of 
> experience fail.
> I really think we eventually should sit down and fix the 
> update/upgrade/dist-upgrade experience there are many of these minor 
> issues that at least to me pretty much wreck the experience (not that 
> anyone likes doing upgrades anyway, but at least we should make them 
> less awkward ;)).
> HS

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