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Mon Jun 17 00:58:46 UTC 2013

Hi there

A few weeks (months?) back I upgraded my parents system to 13.04, they were
quite scared of doing it themselves so they asked me to do it (which is
weird since they have done the process already).

So I found this on the systemtray:

First I clicked on the bulb since it is the most different icon. I tasked
me to "Run this action". I did. A terminal opened with some text that since
I was distracted I was not able to see. Once it finished the bulb appeared
again in what seemed to be an infinite loop of "Run this action", "Terminal
Opens", "Bulb appears again".

Then I clicked the white update icon I think, muon-updater was executed I
selected all packages when it was suggested that a new version was
available but I decided to upgrade the current version first. The process
failed because it was unable to download some packages.

Then I clicked the other button, the dialog that appeared was not fully
translated to Spanish (this would be important to my parents).

Once the upgraded finished and I rebooted the computer, I found again two
icons on the systemtray, this time only the colored upgrade and the bulb.

I clicked the bulb, then "Run this action", then a terminal opened, and the
bulb was finally gone.

I clicked on the colored icon, muon-updated appeared, upgraded some
packages and offered me restart.

How can we improve this? what is this bulb doing? can it stop showing a

Can we only show one icon instead of 2 for upgrade?

Why did I have to upgrade just after upgrading? I had bad luck or is it

Thanks and great work, the upgraded was a success besides this small
annoying things.
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