user manager testing

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Jul 19 12:36:47 UTC 2013

I tested out user manager today and found it to be just what we want but with a few issues that mean it's not ready yet

-change password button doesn't work
-change user icon button doesn't work
-user consolekit? isn't that about to be replaced by logind?
-unsure what is ment by "Removing a logged user may cause inconsistencies"  logged user does seem to be part of consolekit APi but I don't understand what it means
incomplete dialog box on deleting a user "Are you should you want to" "AAA"?
-a "Administrator" tick box lets you add the user to the sudo,adm,lpadmin groups, but the default new user in ubuntu is also in plugdev,dip,cdrom. something needs fixing in accountsservice or not important?
-debugging with QDebug so can't turn it off
-if I tick automatic login I get "failed to change automatic login: user is locked"
-does the "add user account" button do anything? there is already a new account option in the sidebar

Humble appologies for the delay in testing this


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