Proper spell-checking support enabled by default

Mathias Dietrich dietrichmathias at
Thu Jul 4 08:46:59 UTC 2013


I am a Kubuntu user and ran into a annoying problem.
After a fresh installation of Kubuntu 13.04 I ran into the problem, that the 
necessary spell-check packages for my native language were missing.

To enable proper spell-checking I manually had to install the following 

aspell-$lang (required for KDE apps)
hunspell-$lang (required for LibreOffice)

where $lang represents my language shortcut.

Is it possible to add these three packages as dependency to the kde-l10-$lang, 
with the result that the packages above are installed when this package is 
installed ?

Another solution would be a Ubuntu-like language installer which is run a first 

Especially for the beginner it's hard to determine which packages are required 
to get proper spell-checking.  There is also a launchpad bug-report [1], maybe 
it's to hidden to get fixed.

If you need help with this, please contact me, it would be cool if this can be 
fixed, to make Kubuntu more awesome.



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