country value patch dropped

Tomasz Dudzik madsheytan at
Tue Jul 2 10:54:00 UTC 2013

Finally! ;)

Regards, Tomasz Dudzik
Computer Repair Technician
2 lip 2013 12:45, "Harald Sitter" <apachelogger at> napisał(a):

> I just commited a change to kde-workspace that drops the patch that
> made startkde manually parse LANG and write the detected country value
> into the user's config.
> according to the source klocale now does what it is supposed to and
> tires to figure out the country as follows
> -> kconfig
>     -> system
>         -> en_US
> this in particular means that now everything should behave as expected
> even without the patch (e.g. if you install in german you shouldn't
> get am/pm clocks).
> the change is not uploaded yet but should land at least with the next
> KDE 4.11 release. everyone doing localized test installs please keep
> an eye out for regressions in this department. when in doubt you can
> also open the locale kcm (kcmshell4 language) and check that the first
> tab states the correct system country.
> HS
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