Firefox and KDE (again)

Thu Feb 21 15:18:14 UTC 2013

There is a Kpart plugin for Firefox and Chromium that is just excellent: you can open every kind of file directly in the browser. When you use it, also 
appears a toolbar that allows you to save the file or open it with a KDE application. This is the official homepage:

Luca Tringali
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>>On Wednesday, February 20, 2013 02:03:40 PM Clay Weber wrote:
>>> How difficult would it be to provide just mimetype support for Firefox,
>>> eschewing any theming and file picker changes ? That is : giving FF file
>>> open-with support, but otherwise having it stock.
>>> Would this alleviate the need for a separate package for those who do not
>>> need the look and feel bits, but would like a working Firefox ?
>>I think this only requires some additional packages installed as it ~works 
>>my system.  I've no idea what I installed to make it work though.
>>Scott K
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