kubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 98, Issue 25

André Duarte Guimarães eu at andreduartesp.net
Tue Feb 19 13:02:57 UTC 2013

This ppa may help you... https://launchpad.net/~voria/+archive/ppa

>I tried 12.10 on my laptop using WUBI. Now the problem continues.
>I checked all Fn keys and here are the ones do not work:
>Fn+F1: It should show Samsung Configuration Tool, but not important.
>It could be without action, but instead, it adds infinite number of ±
>char into KRunner continously.
>Fn+F2: It should decrease brightness (just blinks the screen)
>Fn+F3: It should increase brightness (just blinks the screen)
>Fn+F11: It should make the fan silent (aka night mode)
>I played a little bit and then found a temporary solution for
>brightness. Open power management tool on systray by left-clicking
>(not opening its settings. it does not work as well), change the
>slider. If you leave computer alone for 5 mins. the slider goes to the
>highest position again.
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