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Mon Feb 4 21:08:26 UTC 2013

On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 3:03 AM, Rick Timmis <rick.timmis at>wrote:

> I believe we should look to keep things simple and unified. Kubuntu has
> set out its stall as a default KDE experience, it should stick with that.
> encouraging more users to "Try Out" Rekonq, grows the users and testing
> community, and provides the potential for greater feedback, and increased
> development for the upstream project. This is true for the whole KDE
> package set.

I completely agree with this philosophically but whole-heatedly disagree
with this in reality. I install Kubuntu on PC's at least a few times a
week. The first thing they ask for is "Where's Firefox and/or Chrome". New
users moving to a new OS need all of the familiarity that they can get.
They also are bound to use a few to several extensions that they will not
likely want to part with. In my case, one such extension is LastPass. I
can't use my computer without it.

While I personally like rekonq, and use it daily for certain situations, I
think pragmatism should win out over an unyielding commitment to stay true
to upstream. After all, (K)ubuntu is "Linux for human beings" and exists,
IMHO, as the best way to *"get things done"* while adhering to the
philosophies and ideas of open source.

I'll circle back to a comment above and if forced to choose one default,
I'd vote for Firefox with the Firefox Blue Shell PPA enabled by default.
Either way, it is how I personally set up new users in Kubuntu and will
continue to do so.

James Cain
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