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>> I cannot really understand guys , how a different slider is gonna help
>> people to better understand kubuntu ....,
>> because there are many other distr? much more user friendly and KDE
>> friendly I would say (just because they try to shows it's power).
>> But one day maybe Kubuntu as well be for newbbie who knows .....
> Alex,
> Your feedback is spot-on in many ways, however I'm not sure it helps.
> It's much easier to propose change than to implement and support it.
> If there are elements of Kubuntu that you would like to improve, please
> improve on them, take screenshots, offer new configurations, study the
> default configuration and make specific proposals and then leverage the
> argument to improve.
> Simply stating that the default behavior is undesirable can do more damage
> to the community than actually help it.  The community needs more doers,
> not critics, and the current maintainers we have are working for free with
> little recognition or reward other than the rewards of being part of a
> great community project.
> -Tres
Well Tres, I already tried to purpose some idea to change, but I think 
that without intention to do it, I'm just wasting my time......, because 
I'm not a developer and I can't help with it.
Anyway , I really love Kubuntu and I'll keep using it, but for sure I 
will not suggest it to people who want approach linux for first time, 
just because I really want people to leave those horrible technology 
they are using , and Kubuntu isn't there to give them a simple way to do 
it, in my opinion.


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