ReviewRequest: whoopsie-integration

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Tue Dec 10 13:49:16 UTC 2013


in accordance with one of our more copious cards [1] I recently hacked
my way towards a set of patches that allows drkonqi reports to also be
submitted to

Now I would be incredibly grateful if someone could do a code review
of all the madness and perhaps also give it a test run.

The relevant patches can be found in our packaging branches

- kdelibs r555 (KCrash handling modifications to allow apport handling)
- kde-runtime r371 (GUI option to allow submission to errors.ubuntu)

Processing of such reports is done by special handling in the KNH apport event:

- lp:kubuntu-notification-helper r255

Verification is best done by running any KApplication based binary and
killall -SEGV $name it. Drkonqi should then come up with the checkbox
and shortly thereafter /var/crash should contain
$name.$uid.drkonqi-accept (drkonqi worked) .crash (apport worked)
.upload (k-n-h worked) and .uploaded (whoopsie worked).


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