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Subject: Dependancies of kubuntu-precise
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please forward this to the mailing list if appropriate. Thanks!

I have an Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) notebook with Kbunutu-desktop (4.8)
which has been upgraded to Kernel 3.5.0 and the "-lts-quantal" series of
Xorg servers by Ubuntus recommendation.

When installing the latest KDE 4.10 packages from your PPA, apt-get
wants to remove all the Xorg servers, ubuntu-desktop and some other
packages and installs the old precise Xorg servers again - but doesn't
downgrade the kernel, so the next boot fails with a blank screen because
kernel graphics system and Xorg don't match any more.

Manually resolving this issue I managed to get the "lts-quantal" Xorg
server packages reinstalled and all of KDE 4.10 installed - EXCEPT for
kde-windowmanager. Why is this? Can this be resolved so adding this PPA
and upgrading the Kubuntu 4.8 to the 4.10 packages doesn't remove any
essential packages?

Thank you!
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