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Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Thu Apr 11 21:39:09 UTC 2013

in a recent quest to fix localization for raring I noticed that colord-kde
has no l10n whatsoever.
we currently have 0.2 (1 year old). git master has localization and from a
quick look at websvn it seems that it is translated in all major languages.

so we are in a bit of a tricky situation as our options are

- ship with no l10n and colord-kde 0.2 (assumption is that since it was in
raring for a while it got tested...)
- ship with ll10n and colord-kde 0.2+gitsnaphot (not tested beyond whatever
audience git master has)
- remove colord-kde 0.2 from the seed (i.e. still available to those who
want to use it)
- remove it from archive entirely (don't see the point in that, but listing
it anyway)

(note that there have not been that many changes in master, although not
all of them would qualify for SRU either... so from the logs I could not
call it rockstable nor bleeding edge)

personally I am in favor of removing it from the seed as I really do not
want to get flamed for releasing a snapshot that turns out to be broken
(also FWIW, we already screwed up considerable by not noticing that it has
no l10n...)


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