Problematic default settings for KWin

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Oct 3 13:14:35 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 11:03:17 AM Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> Hi Kubuntu-devs,
> please note: I'm not subscribed, please CC me in replies
> I have been made aware of the fact that Kubuntu shipps default settings for
> KWin which introduce issues.
> I had a look at the kwinrc in bazaar [1] as of revision 505 and I can
> confirm the issue.
> In the Plugin section both BoxSwitch and CoverSwitch are enabled. The
> BoxSwitch effect has already been replaced in 4.8 by a QML TabBox, but is
> still shipped as part of it is optionally used by CoverSwitch.
> The fact that Kubuntu enables the effect in kwinrc breaks the kwin config
> migration script. Basically the behavior is undefined. I have no idea what
> the users get when the script is executed but it is not what they should
> get. I would suggest to remove the line:
> kwin4_effect_boxswitchEnabled=true
> Furthermore there are multiple settings which are identical to KWin's
> default. I would suggest to remove those as that can cause issues in the
> future.
> The following config values match KWin's default:
> * Style -> PluginLib
> * Windows -> TitlebarDoubleClickCommand
> * Effect-CoverSwitch -> TabBoxAlternative
> Furthermore the following combination of default settings does not make any
> sense:
> enabling the cube effect and only 2 desktops.
> I also want to point out that upstreams default is since 4.7 to have only
> one desktop. KDE used to have a default of four desktops and Kubuntu
> decided that four are too many and changed to two. With the changed value
> in KDE this should be re-evaluated. Either Kubuntu wants to follow upstream
> (this is what I would suggest) or goes really with virtual desktops and in
> that case it should be changed to 4. Then also the cube effect makes sense.
> Please note that removing the virtual desktops by default unclutters the
> default setup as the pager is removed.
> Best Regards
> Martin Gräßlin
> KWin maintainer
> [1]
> settings/kubuntu-default-settings/view/head:/share/config/kwinrc

If I read your recommendations correctly, that would leave is with this:



Is that correct?

Scott K

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