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Tue Nov 27 10:22:02 UTC 2012

>>> ls ~/src/bzr/k/kde-workspace/debian/patches |wc -l
>>> ls ~/src/bzr/q/qt/debian/patches|wc -l

Time to do a patch review... [1]

for every package in ~kubuntu-packagers please list all patches and what
they do. if they don't have a header explaining the use of the patch check
the changelog and add a header (can be dep3 [2]). also please note their
origin and upstreamability on the notes page.

any patch from us >=100 sloc or >=3 hunks that cannot be upstreamed should
be dropped

[K] = origin:kubuntu
[D] = origin:debian
[U] = origin:upstream

(U) = upstreamed description should outline which upstream version will
hold the patch
(U+) = can be upstreamed one way or another
(U-) = cannot be upstreamed
(U~) = can be upstream, but needs changes or a completely different
approach for that

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